Behind The Walls features artwork from the same-named series, presenting my very first solo exhibition. In the wide-open industrial space of NDSM Fuse, large-scale paintings took center stage. Included were also smaller paintings, study drawings, and an installation. The exhibition was part of a large body of work created between January and July 2021 from my studio in Antwerp.

The main topics of investigation for this series have been various historical and contemporary social structures projected through wall rhythms. Each work offers a reflection on one of these societal issues. For example, the discord of people on nationalism, the ongoing genocide of domesticated animals and wildlife, and the environmental nightmare resulting from our capitalist system. And often, they are somehow about the jungle of the human experience as well as a means of inquiry and spiritual development for myself.


"Pascie enjoys inviting the unknown and the unexpected, moving from chaos into harmony and back, exploring complex relationships and hierarchies. He prefers to work experimentally while listening to rhythms to create bold artwork, inspired by the challenges of the human project. Pascie's work is meant to explore, to usurp, and to go beyond what is behind."